Annie Sloan Soft Waxes (4 colours)

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Use Chalk Paint® Wax to seal and protect furniture and walls painted with Chalk Paint® decorative paint. Chalk Paint® Wax gives a beautiful mellow finish, or can be buffed to a high sheen using a lint-free cloth to achieve Annie’s signature look. It is water-repellent too, so can be used on dining room tables and kitchen cabinets.

To age and give texture to your paintwork use dark Chalk Paint® Wax, pushing it into the paintwork to bring out brush marks and recesses.

Use White Chalk Paint® Wax to soften and lighten Chalk Paint® colours. It can also be applied directly onto unvarnished wood to create a limed look.

Black Chalk Paint® Wax will give a cool, dark finish to your paintwork, bringing out texture in brushwork and mouldings, as well as darkening and enriching colours. 

Chalk Paint® Wax is not suitable for outdoor use. After care: wipe clean with a damp cloth. For tough marks, use a proprietary spray cleaner and rewax if necessary.

Available in 120ml and 500ml.